Suggestions for Gally Vets 

Here’s a place to gather suggestions for people coming back for a second, third, or twenty-second time. Ribbons, volunteering, other stuff you’ve learned about after your first visit.


One popular topic is ribbons–in 2010 there were nearly 150 different ribbons being distributed. SJA’s Tommy Knight apparently collected all of them and wore them as a kilt of sorts.

I’ve heard reports of Marco Promotional and Image Award and one or two others being used to source these ribbons. If you ordered them this year or in past years, please comment about who, how many, and any suggestions. Order, distribute, and collect at your own risk of course.

Guest of Honor Banquet

Another topic to think about for next year (or maybe this) is the Guest of Honor Banquet. As the website says, this is the only Gallifrey One “add-on” and it’s sold out already. The ticket “lottery” for 2011 happened during the convention in 2010, and you had to pay for the tix onsite. I think it was $70 per person. I’ve been reminded that the (dinner) banquet tickets were $50 each… it’s totally based on the cost of food; the con doesn’t make any money on it.

For the banquet ticket, you get a catered meal and a chance to meet the guests of honor up close and personal. Last year’s banquet was Sunday breakfast, but this year it’s Friday dinner. Attendees and guests got their food and sat at tables of 6-8 attendees, and the guests (and their handlers/helpers) would spend 5-10 minutes at each table talking, telling stories, answering questions, and sometimes getting to eat their food.

Watch the Gallifrey One website for any news on last-minute ticket availability… might not hurt to bring a few extra bucks if you’re interested… and a few extra bucks for next year’s banquet if you’re pretty sure you’re going. (I went last year and loved it, going again this year.)