Food Stuff 

Advice collected on food in and around the hotel.

Overview: The con hotel (Marriot Los Angeles Airport) has five food options. These are Champions Sports Bar, Latitude 33 restaurant, JW’s Steakhouse, Starbucks, and the gift shop. There are several more options if you’re willing to walk, drive, or take a taxi or shuttle. I believe there are also outside delivery services available.

From @gallifreyone’s website: The Hospitality Suite will be open throughout the weekend once again. Snacks, soft drinks and pleasant conversation abound with fellow fans starting Friday afternoon and running throughout the duration of the convention (usually open until the wee hours of the morning each night!) Gallifrey’s hospitality suite is always looking for volunteers to help out, so enquire with the convention if you are interested!

2/2/11 If you don’t want to wait in line for the Marriott restaurants in the morning, consider one of the nearby hotels (although with the All Star Game in town they may be crowded too). Watch twitter for mealwandering plans.

1/30/11 Via Anime LA (another ISL convention held at the Marriott): Restaurant Guide (pdf format, also includes other nearby retailers of interested) (thanks @jeyradan)

2/7/13 I found that Anime LA has updated their restaurant pages as of 2011. They mention updating for 2013 but I can’t find an update, so this is probably still fairly accurate.
Restaurant Guide – Map, local places, resources (PDF, 122K)

Other side of Restaurant Guide – even more restaurant listings (PDF, 1.4 MB)

1/29/11 @hitshermark suggests: is your friend if you need anything. Like knowing where to get food for vegetarians.

1/29/11 @gallifreyan suggests: The gift shop in the lobby has economy edibles, compared to the restaurants. Less selection and not as fresh, but if you’re on a tight budget, worth a look. (closes around 10pm?)

2/7/13 @gallifreyone reminds us: Don’t forget we now have a snack bar from about 11am-3pm on Friday and Saturday on the main floor.

2/1/14 @gallifreyone has just posted another update, including food options. The prepackaged meal option on the convention floor is 11am-2pm Friday and Saturday.