We survived 25 Glorious Years – What did you think?

This is a quick catcher post… as we all recover from the past weekend and think back on what we wish we’d known a week ago…

What do you think you’d want to remember, or advise a new attendee next year, about the Gallifrey One experience?

Did you have a noteworthy experience with your choice of hotel, or some food-related experience, or forget something you wish you’d brought? Make a comment here and I’ll integrate it into this year’s updates to Gallyhelp.

And as another regular reminder, this is still an unofficial resource, just run by a guy who has trouble keeping up with forums. I’ve been to six conventions, so I have a lot of thoughts of my own, but I wasn’t up past 2 any day this past week, and I came pre-equipped with roommates, so many of you have different feedback/experiences on those items as well as others I can’t think of at the moment.