Two weeks till Gallifrey One 2014! Some Recently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

So I’ve seen a lot of interesting questions coming up on the Gallifrey One 2014 event page on Facebook, and figured I’d collect the most useful ones here for folks who may be looking for those answers. It’s hard to keep up with the page sometimes, and not everyone goes through all of, so hopefully this will help.

Last update: 2014-02-01 3pm Pacific time (Gallifrey One “Big Convention Updates”)

My previous update is at 75 Days until 25th Gallifrey One. Feel free to check it out as well.


As most of you know, this is not an official resource of Gallifrey One, ISL, or anything else. I’m just a 5-time (so far) attendee who is trying to be helpful (and save the convention organizers some energy). So take this as my own thoughts and assessments, and don’t blame anyone else for them. Don’t blame me either, of course, but if you have to blame someone…

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 Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer
  • Contacting the Gallifrey One staff before the event
  • Contacting the Gallifrey One staff at the event
  • Ribbons
  • Can I still get a membership/ticket/badge?
  • How does parking work?
  • What if I get hungry during the convention events?
  • May I block the view of the people behind me by taking video with my enormous tablet?

Contacting the Gallifrey One staff before the event

First of all, remember that the Gallifrey One staff are very busy these days, something about a huge convention they’re running that starts in two weeks. Make sure you’ve read the FAQ page and the colorful bits at the bottom of the “Contact Us” page.

If you can’t find your answer there, you can ask on the Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious Years event page on Facebook. Other attendees may have an answer for you, and the Gally staff will be reading the page and responding when they can. But most of us would rather they be able to focus on the convention itself (and taking care of guests, facilities, and other arrangements).

You can also tweet to @gallifreyone if you’re on Twitter. Same caveats as above apply.

If after all of those options you do need to reach the convention staff, the “Contact Us” page is probably the best official way to reach them.

But remember that they’re trying to take care of at least 3200 convention members, logistics for a hundred or so guests, and supporting the vendors and exhibitors, so be patient. I can’t stress this enough. These fine folks are volunteers, not BBC employees or paid convention organizers, making Gallifrey One happen for YOU. 

Contacting the Gallifrey One staff at the event

Gallifrey One staffs a “Member Services” desk — It’s probably going to be at the booth windows in the middle of the main hallway. This is where you can likely buy memorabilia for the convention itself (playing cards, tee shirts), ask questions, see updates to the schedule, and so forth.

There is a Convention Operations office behind the Member Services desk–on the hallway to the right as you face Member Services. If you need help after hours, or if Member Services is unavailable, go there.

Gallifrey One has convention staff, many of them dressed in paramilitary UNIT-style gear including handheld radios, in past years, monitoring the premises. If you have an emergency or immediate concern, stop one of these folks for help.

See the Gallifrey One Convention Policies page for convention policies, including the code of conduct, courtesy policy,  recordings, weapons, and how to report any harrassment or violation of policies.

If you have any concerns, report them to the convention staff as soon as possible. They are there to help, and are eager to make Gallifrey One the best environment possible for ALL attendees. Complaining weeks later in public forums will not help anyone.


You don’t have to order/bring/distribute ribbons. If it’s your first time at Gallifrey One, you may find it more comfortable not to deal with picking ribbons, just collect a few (politely) and plan for next year. It’s a voluntary thing, not officially part of the convention, and it’s perfectly okay to skip the ribbons. You’re still welcome, and there will be plenty to do even without them.

You don’t have to collect ribbons. If you do collect ribbons, be polite, don’t demand them, don’t ask for ribbons for other people, and don’t get mad if someone doesn’t give you all their designs/ribbons. Some people have special ribbons and (probably) nobody brings 3200+ ribbons of each design, so let the folks who paid for the ribbons decide who gets them.

If you do order ribbons, there’s no perfect answer for “how many should I order?” Get what you can afford, and no more. 100-150 is a good number to start with, but if you can afford 50, that’s a good number too.

If you haven’t ordered yet, it’s not too late. You will probably have to pay for expedited shipping depending on what company you order from, and where you (and they) are located. For example, today was the deadline for getting my ribbons from Marco Promotional Products on the east coast, to me on the west coast, with a day to spare before the convention. The last two years, I ordered a week or so in advance and paid for 2-day shipping, and got them in time. Contact your ribbon provider for specifics for your order and location.

Can I still get a membership/ticket/badge?

Maybe. You can still do pre-convention transfers through the Registration Transfer Page until 12 noon Pacific time on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. Watch the Facebook page and the Gallifrey Base forum  for people trying to transfer their memberships.

If you find someone after noon on February 8, you’ll have to meet them at registration at the convention to do a transfer. Obviously this only works if they’re in/near Los Angeles, California, USA. So look around soon if possible.

You will have to pay the original membership rate, which is $80 for adults 17+, $35 for youth 12-16. Don’t offer or ask more or the membership may be invalidated.

Remember that kids ages 4-11 need a kids membership even though these were free during registration. The memberships are required (and quantity controlled) to make sure the convention is safe and the facility is not over capacity. Kids 3 and under do not need a badge or ticket or preregistration).

And remember that your membership is for you only. It’s not a “bearer” pass, it’s for the person whose name is on the badge. Don’t try to sneak people in or you might not be allowed to stay either.

How does parking work?

You pull your car into a space, put it in Park, turn it off, and get out of the car. 🙂

On February 1st, Gallifrey One posted the updated parking details. $13/day at Marriott (daily visitors can pay in advance or get a white ticket validated by Member Services, overnight visitors can use their hotel key after checkin), $13/day at the Renaissance LAX overflow hotel (same as above mostly), Park Air Express next to the Marriott (similar price and similar convenience) , and other airport parking offerings nearby.

You may also wish to take advantage of your hotel’s airport shuttle, and only get a car for the days you need it. There’s a Hertz rental counter in the Marriott lobby (between the Fedex Office and Starbucks), and you can rent from other companies at the airport.

What if I get hungry during the convention events?

Lots of onsite options, for starters:

The Marriott is again providing prepackaged lunches for sale downstairs from 11am-2pm Friday and Saturday. Note that this is not a cheap option, but it is convenient. Expect to spend $10-12 (or so) for a sandwich, chips, and a drink. And expect to pay cash only.

Thursday through Saturday nights, there is a cash bar downstairs for the late night Gallifrey One events (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available).

The hospitality suite is on the first floor again, offering free soft drinks and snacks to badged attendees. There is usually at least one TARDIS cookie jar or other receptacle for donations, so if you take advantage of the suite and can afford to, please leave a buck or two (or whatever you think your snarfages are worth).

All of the above options are probably going to be cash only (there are ATMs in the lobby and at nearby hotels/banks). If you need to spend some money on plastic (credit/debit cards), you’ll want to consider the following options.

There are three restaurants and a Starbucks in the Marriott lobby, as well as a convenience/souvenir store that has snacks, beverages, small bottles of liquor, and toiletries/analgesics. Latitude 33 offers a breakfast buffet, lunches, and dinners, during normal meal times. JW Steakhouse is more aimed at lunch/dinner time frames and may be a bit more expensive. Champions Bar has a full service bar and bar-type food (open till 1am). Starbucks has usually been open something like 8am-6pm, and may not take Starbucks cards (since it’s a licensed facility, not a Starbucks-operated one). The convenience store has usually closed at 10pm.

There are also several options within walking distance if you choose to leave the hotel. Visit my 2011 Food Stuff posting which, while not much updated since then, is still useful. There’s an AnimeLA guide to shopping and eating in the area on that page too!

May I block the view of the people behind me by taking video with my enormous tablet?

No. Please, by the Eye of Harmony, no. 

Also, if you have large headwear (costume or not), please don’t block the people behind you with it when in the program sessions or panels. If you must wear large headwear, please stand along the walls. More people can see you that way anyway.