Less than a month till Gallifrey One… welcome to all the new readers and returning guests. I’ll be tweeting reminders every so often, so watch for new tips and considering sharing your own here.

As a reminder, I’m just a guest who doesn’t have the attention span for the forums on Gallifrey Base and wanted to gather people’s recommendations in a more concise place. There’s no advertising here, and I try to keep the formatting simple so you can print it and bring it to the convention with you (great airplane reading if you’re caught up on all the Torchwood novels).

My name is Rob, I’m @gallifreyan on Twitter and thetasigma92 on GB. And if you run into me at the conference, I’m also the guy with the Rowan Atkinson ribbons and the girlfriend who could easily cosplay Romana I but isn’t cosplaying.

While some of the wonderful Gally crew do read (and sometimes respond) to things on this site, it is not official and it’s not a good way to reach them if it’s important. Use http://www.gallifreyone.com or @gallifreyone on Twitter if you need their help officially.

BTW: http://gallifreybase.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=125 is where you’ll find the Gallifrey One forum section on Gallifrey Base. Registration is required but it’s free and they don’t spam you.

Read on, poke at all the pages (there are just a few and they’re pretty useful), let me know your thoughts and let your fellow attendees know what made it a better experience for you in the past. Thanks for dropping by.