Looking ahead to Gallifrey One 2012

Hi everyone,

I just got home from Gallifrey One 2011, #22, Islands of Mystery.

It was an amazing experience, with some very pleasant surprises. We started with another video from Peter Davison (and the man himself this year), along with most of his TARDIS crew: the lovely Sarah Sutton, the loquacious Janet Fielding, and the dapper Matthew Waterhouse. Ian MacNeice was an unexpected pleasure, and of course the epic appearance of Waris Hussein at Podshock Live… without him, the first director of Doctor Who, none of this would be happening anyway…

I’ve already registered, and will shortly be setting up my savings plan for Gallifrey One’s Network 23, 20,000 Years Into The Future, coming February 17-19, 2012.

I’ve also looked through the 37 pounds of stuff I brought with me to Gallifrey and been pondering what to do better for my fourth trip (and possibly for my trip to Chicago TARDIS in November, which would take me back to where I first found the good Doctor late in 1983).

Do you have any discoveries or epiphanies that you’d like to share with other future Gallifrey attendees? If so, I’d welcome them as comments to this post. I will probably compile them into another post here… and note that these suggestions should just be fan-to-fan experience type things, like bring this, don’t bring this, go here, don’t go here, etc.

I cannot accept suggestions for the convention itself or on behalf of the wonderful folks who run Gallifrey One. You can contact  them through their contact page on the website. But remember, they’ve just had the largest convention in Gally history, so they may not be as quick to respond in the next couple of weeks (but as Shawn Lyon said a couple of times, they do read and consider everything that’s sent to them).

That being said, what did you learn about the experience of the convention, that you think might be helpful to other attendees (or as a reminder to you in 11 months)?