Gally 100 – What to know before you go

What do you wish you’d known before you showed up to your first #gally conference?

If you don’t know what you should know about #gally, follow up Gally 100 with Gallifrey 101, the 11am Friday newbie panel. See further details below, and check the schedule for location onsite.

There will be a lot of people in costumes. Everything from their favorite Doctor (with a lot of females playing Ten) to Weeping Angels (don’t blink) and Daleks (full size and scale models). Most of these people expect to be photographed, but if you want a posed picture with one of them, ask first, and respect “no” if that’s the response. If your prospective photographee is a younger attendee, ask his or her parents first. The Cyber-Shade and the mini-Dalek were very cute, but it’s a weird world out there.

During the convention, the #gally hashtag on Twitter will often be an extension of lobbycon. Good way to coordinate meals, trips to other places in the area, or just gather up with people of like predilections (serial Twitterers, knitters, people with pets in TARDIS costumes, etc).