Collecting advice for Gallifrey One attendees

Since searching Twitter isn’t that useful in the long run, I have decided to make a place to gather Gallifrey One attendee advice and hints. Anything reasonable and relatively neutral can be submitted and I’ll try to keep it somewhat organized.

Use any info here at your own risk… I can only assert the accuracy of my own contributions, and those may be tainted by a very long year since my last Gallifrey One convention.

Realtime chat about Gallifrey One can be found on Twitter with hashtag #gally

Note that this is not official or in any way associated with or endorsed by Gallifrey Conventions / Gallifrey One, or The Institute for Specialized Literature, Inc. (ISL), or any other organization or organized establishment or member/subscriber/shareholder thereof.

It’s just this one guy who goes by Gallifreyan on the Twitters who would like to help his fellow attendees and his own memory out.

If you do want the official word from Gallifrey One:


Facebook:!/gallifreyone (organization)

and!/event.php?eid=110675018946666 (event)